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All you need to say is: “I want to learn how to correct my essay online free,” and your words will come true. Here, you will find everything you need to know about how you can improve your writing style. We will also introduce you to some famous authors that have particular writing styles.

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Do You Know What the Writing Style Is

The writing style is the way in which the author describes and present their thoughts. It is a reflection of their personality, like their own signature. However, even though you may have a particular style, you should always respect grammar rules. Using an essay editing app can help you with it.

With an online tool, you will be able to write better texts while improving your writing style. You can think of it as your own editor that is available 24/7.

Proofreading my essay free is possible with an online tool? Yes, it is. All you need to do is let it check your writing so you can fix the mistakes it locates.

A Personal Writing Style Is Different Than a Formatting Style

While a personal writing style depends on the author, a formatting style needs to follow certain rules. One major formatting style is the APA writing style. With this style, you should write the title in upper and lower cases and, as a recommendation, your title should not be longer than 12 words. You should insert numbers on the right corner of all pages.

Another formatting style is the MLA writing style. With this one, you should write your title in standard capitalization, and center it. You should not create a title page unless you are requested to do so.

Using an essay fixer free online can help you ensure that the format you are using is the right one. It will take into account the context of the paper and locate mistakes according to this. Plus, you will get instant results. You will not have to google correction tools anymore. Use our online checker and save time.

5 Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Writing Style

Here are five tips that you can apply to create better texts. Check them out:

  1. Avoid using long sentences. Use an online tool that provides essay proofreading services for free to check the length of your sentences.
  2. Use active voice and avoid passive voice. The reader will be able to better understand a text written in an active voice. With a college essay proofreader tool, you can revise the type of voice that you are using and fix it.
  3. Do not overuse nouns. Use verbs, instead.
  4. Be clear and specific. Avoid using words and cliches that do not contribute to your text.
  5. Remember to revise your text before submitting it. Is there a way to proofread my essay free? Yes. An online checker will revise your paper for free.

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Unique Writing Styles of Famous Authors

There are some famous authors that had unique writing styles. Learn more about them.

  • Emily Dickinson: In her poets, you can see the use of dashes to emphasize a phrase. She also used them to replace commas, periods, or missing words. Another characteristic of her writing style is the capitalization of nouns for no reason.
  • Virginia Woolf: She had a particular writing style. In Woolf’s novels, you can find the use of the stream of consciousness – a type of narrative that follows the character’s thoughts -, and the use of silence to deepen the effect of the phrase.
  • Ernest Hemingway: The American writer has a simple and direct writing style. It probably is a reflection of his career as a journalist. His character’s dialogues have more weight in his texts.
  • Stephen King: His writing style is full of metaphors, symbols, and conflict. In conjunction, they create a suspense atmosphere that captures the reader’s attention.

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